The main goal of this site is to air my thoughts on how new technologies and paradigms impact the practice of medicine. In relation to this, I made a presentation, just yesterday, December 6, 2017, on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, and the growing influence of this discipline on the field of medical devices.

The slides will be available to download this through the site.

I do have to caution you. I do not present a lot of text in the slides. I have written some notes on the slides, but together, they still will not be enough to understand all of what I spoke about.

However, do not worry. I will blog about each slide, concept and use-case presented on this presentation over the next few weeks and months. Subscribe for updates and stay tuned! In addition, if you feel you have a set of burning questions and need them answered as soon as possible, do feel free to contact me and I will answer them as early as possible.

The download link: